Online Biz Opps coaches business opportunity seekers about premium online business opportunities. 

Types of business opportunities and models to which we refer you

We  currently refer you to the following  online  business models:

  • Online Referral businesses
  • Tshirt dropshipping online business (includes a referral business opportunity).

We also provide resources, mostly free, that would help you market your business online.

The main reason why you should start an online business today

The year 2020 saw an unprecedented change in the world economy as millions of people were affected by the coronavirus. Forced into lockdowns, small businesses and large corporations alike suffered due to loss of income.

At the time of writing, for example, one of the greatest economies in the world is reeling from the blow. A leading financial power, the United States has taken a big hit.  While the economy gained just over 600,000 jobs in September 2020, the American unemployment rate stands at  7.9% at the time of writing (Reuters, 2020).

Many familiar businesses no longer exist due to the stringent restrictions and loss of income during the height of the coronavirus.  This meant that over fifty million Americans were unemployed in September 2020. This means too that less money is available for food, bills, child care, and activities of daily living. Meantime, economic bailouts and stimulus packages fail to meet the daily requirements of life.