Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 

Without a question, one of the most important marketing skills you can learn is search engine optimisation (SEO). You can prove the worth of your content marketing efforts while building campaigns or strategies to enhance your business brand’s search engine ranks for relevant keywords or phrases if you know how to undertake SEO analysis. This article is not just for SEO agencies or those who wants to be an SEO specialists, but most entrepreneurs and business owners actually need to understand how this things work so has to know what their SEO service provider is doing per time, or the report their local SEO agency is presenting.


You’re unlikely to develop content that provides direct value to your audience or is judged indexable by search engines like Google if you don’t take an analytical approach to your seo services. It is high time you begin to understand organic search results from the perspective of an SEO agency. You’ll rapidly fall behind the pack if you don’t rank for the proper key phrases or increase your online authority.

SEO reporting tools are used by SEO companies to act as their  eyes in the dark, providing them with the insights, data, and information needed to constantly improve search engine optimisation strategy across every channel and touchpoint conceivable (from blog and landing pages to Facebook, YouTube, and beyond).

In today’s hyper-connected, tech-driven world, there are a variety of free SEO analysis tools available that are used by the best SEO agencies, which can show you where your on-page and off-page SEO strategies are working and where they should be improved.

Let’s get started.

Google Search Console and Analytics

Google Analytics is a trustworthy platform that provides a plethora of information on your customers’ demographics, preferences, engagement activities, and browsing patterns as the key go-to tool for SEO companies, including affordable SEO agencies in Australia (among other important insights).

The nicest thing about Google Analytics is that there are a plethora of free, practical how-to instructions for using and navigating the site. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two tools that may help you monitor a variety of relevant metrics depending on your individual search-related goals and benchmarks when it comes to SEO analysis.

You should also be aware of other Google Analytics alternatives, as well as a useful tool called URL Profiler, which combines data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console into a single report.


If you want to do keyword SEO analysis and discuss your findings or recommendations with your boss or CEO, KWFinder’s interface is simple, logical, and aesthetically appealing. It a tool used by the top SEO agencies and also local affordable SEO companies in Australia.

KWFinder, allows SEO agencies to execute domain-based keyword searches and discover what phrases competitors are using.

By entering a keyword discovery search into the platform, you may have fast access to a beneficial combination of simple data that will help you compile lists of effective terms for certain SEO campaigns, content, or activities. The following is some of the useful information:

  • A keyword popularity and trend chart that illustrates search volumes over time.
  • A chart-based keyword difficulty visualisation that informs you how much overall traffic competition there is for a single phrase or term.
  • A keyword questions tab that displays the most popular and relevant questions people are asking about a certain topic. This is especially useful if you’re wanting to update or enhance current content in order to better match a searcher’s intent or get rich snippet rankings
  • A comprehensive list of relevant keywords, along with search volume, difficulty, and pay-per-click (PPC) costs: a useful measure for any paid marketing study or reporting.

Unbounce Page Analyzer

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of user experience (UX) in SEO planning and digital marketing and its influence on search engine results; on-page SEO research based on navigability and usability is critical.

While Unbounce has a lot of technical tools and features used by SEO companies, the landing page analyser is ideal for novices who want to do UX-based on-page SEO research.

Unbounce’s algorithm help SEO service providers to deliver up a basic report that gives an overall page score while going further into the UX-centric features that matter once you type the appropriate URL into the platform and explain your page’s goal keywords.

Unbounce’s on-page analyser tool includes a statistic for Message Match (a score based on the relevancy and value of your page content—or, in other words, a rating on how well it delivers on its promises)—a major SEO ranking element.

Simply register and get acquainted with the site just as professional SEO agency does, add your URL, and begin analysing. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to a variety of essential SEO analysis information thanks to this tool’s easy and visually accessible interface.

Insights into PageSpeed

Your page speed performance will have an influence on your company’s overall SEO success, in addition to the quality and shareability of your content, your domain authority, and your UX offers.

PageSpeed Insights is a free, easy-to-use tool that provides extensive Core Web Vitals assessments as well as a breakdown of your page’s speed and loading performance. The images are easy to understand, and you may be able to discover what you need with only one search. You will get a detailed list of suggestions for improving the performance of your pages.

SEO agencies do take deeper dive into the platform suggestions (based on mobile or desktop research), as is a more selective approach, which would allow SEO agency or anyone to focus on just the most relevant or important discoveries. 

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To get a complete picture of your brand’s search engine optimisation operations and results, use the other tools listed below. These are also the same tools used by the best SEO agencies in Australia and everywhere else, except that they have unlimited subscription to most of these tool platforms and the proficiency of SEO companies skills in using these tools are next to none, obviously that’s because it’s job.

With the use of these tools, your strategy may be improved, and tangible measurements can be used to back up your ideas or activities. There are a few additional useful tools you may want to check out:

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