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What is an ?

One of the questions people  is “what is an email ?” An email autoresponder  is a tool that allows marketers to collect email addresses and follow up their subscribers.  

An email autoresponder  is the personal assistant of  a business owner.  They  communicate with people who need information about the business and products. Once an individual has opted in to receive emails, he or she can be contacted any number of times about offers.  Follow up  is one of the most important ways to make  sales online.

An autoresponder remembers when someone opts into your list and will send the information requested on time, every time.


What is the service for making money online?


I’d like to introduce you to the email autoresponder system. I personally use it in my online business and am very satisfied. I believe that it might be the exact opportunity that will help to redirect your finances. 

This low cost business opportunity could be the answer to your prayers. After all, who does not need money for basic needs, college,  health care, vacations or retirement… and more.

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Established by Brian Rooney over a decade ago, Traffic Wave is a solid, reliable company with a great reputation, is  not famous, but the services are reliable, the platform easy to navigate and the prices really, really affordable.

Who can use the Traffic Wave email autoresponder?

Anyone with an online or offline business should keep in touch with subscribers and grow a loyal following. Therefore, the list of who can use the Traffic Wave email autoresponder is limitless. Users can include:


Entertainers email
Restaurants email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Affliate Marketers email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Publishers email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
MLM Professionals email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Retailers email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Web Designers email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Home Based Business email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Clubs email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Franchisers email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Life Coaches email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Churches email definitionautoresponderautoresponder email
Service Businesses
Software Developers


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6 benefits of the email autoresponder service

I personally use the email autoresponder to mail subscribers. Here are six benefits that you will enjoy as a user:


  1. You pay one Flat rate of only 17.95 per month, regardless of the number of subscribers and campaigns that you place into the system.
  2. You earn 100% commission from every single referral you personally sponsor.
  3. You earn $17.95 fast track bonus from every single personal referral whenever they enroll.
  4. You get $6 per direct referral for the first 3 referrals after your 2nd month.
  5. You earn 25% commission when you arrive at Tidal Wave level (have 5 direct referrals) and 50% when you arrive at Tsunami level (have 10 direct referrals). This is huge and no other email autoresponder service gives these kinds of bonuses
  6. Commissions are paid weekly and monthly via Paypal, Payza or check.

One of the greatest things that I enjoy about is the ridiculously low  price and generous compensation plan.

You can make money with this system by promoting the product with your unique affiliate link. Free training is also provided in addition to   information on how you can grow your business


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4  ways to be paid as an affiliate:of

Affiliates of Traffic Wave are paid in four ways. Through:

  1. Weekly Fast Track Bonuses
  2. Monthly Residual Commissions
  3. Leadership Bonus
  4. Guaranteed Traffic Commissions

 Weekly Fast Track Bonuses

 Affiliates are  paid 100% of the new sales revenue as a Fast Track Bonus each time a NEW Active or paid customer is referred to There is no limit to the number of Fast Track Bonuses affiliates can earn each week.

Monthly Residual Commissions uses a 3×10 Matrix structure in order to track sales and to pay  affiliates. This means that referrals are placed in 10 levels or rows downwards.

The first 3 sales are placed in your first level, 9 sales on your second level, 27 sales on your third level, 81 in the fourth and so on through to the ten full levels.


Monthly residual income is paid at Surfer, Tidal Wave and Tsunami levels. Here are the explanations:

  1. Surfer level – You will be paid through 3 levels and must have at least one personally referred active sale. Potential earnings are  $45.00.
  2. Tidal Wave – payment is to 5 levels with at least five personally referred active sales. One can potentially earn up to $216.00.
  3. Tsunami – ten personally referred active sales and payment is through to 10 levels with a potential earning of up to $59,000.00.


Leadership bonuses

These are payments made on the commissions of personally referred team members at Tidal Wave and Tsunami levels. To qualify, the individual must have  one personally referred active sale in the current month AND one personally referred active sale from the previous month.

  1. Tidal Wave – earns a 25% Leadership Bonus
  2. Tsunami – earns 50% Leadership Bonus


Guaranteed Traffic Commissions

The company offers a Guaranteed Traffic Program and pays 10% on sales earned from guaranteed visitors.    Read more by clicking this adjacent link  Guaranteed Traffic Program


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How Traffic Wave compares to the competition

Table 1 shows the comparison between Traffic Wave and four competitors.  You can see that Traffic Wave’s service is a more cost effective one, particularly if you are on a tight budget.


Table 1

Comparison between’s service charges

and  four leading email autoresponder companies


List Size:AweberConstant







“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.”  Debbie Fields.

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