Product SEO: How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells

Is your business about selling products? Have you been struggling with lead conversion into paying customers with your SEO? Then, this article is an excellent place to start to review your product description. Mind you, and your product description is your sales tool to convince your potential customers to not only consider your product but buy.

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells

There are several steps/stages that a potential customer takes before finally deciding by obeying your call to action. A beautiful secret to selling more products online is to write a killer product description. Product descriptions can persuade a customer who is yet indecisive about receiving some motivation towards considering your product.

It is also essential to learn that 20% of product failure is because users could not find satisfying product information. Can you now see more need why you should create a product description that sells? The next question is how to create a product description that will persuade your audience enough to buy your products.


What is a Product Description?

Product descriptions contain information on the products you have for sale that customers can read and take action. Often, these product descriptions can be used on e-commerce sites or landing pages of a sales funnel. In other words, the crafty lines of this product copy must have the ability to compel readers or visitors to become paying customers of your described product.

Product descriptions do not necessarily have to be long but must contain all necessary information. They can be short, snappy, and straight to the point. Often, you need images to convey the required information to the buyer.

The length of your product description is a factor of the details you intend to include with the images of the product to show the design. However, the main goal is to offer the critical properties of the product to the customers who need to know them. The essential elements include;

  • The main story behind products on sale
  • How does the product solve the problem
  • Benefits of purchasing this product
  • The uniqueness of this product and its advantages over other products
  • Show the essential materials and ingredients

What is the critical information in a Product Description?

A digital or online store for e-commerce gives you the luxury of showing all the features and benefits of the product. Your product description is the first contact point a customer has to interact with your product. Remember that you are writing this description to ensure that you answer all your potential customer’s questions.

Similarly, statistics have also shown that over 87% of all online shoppers rate the product description as extremely important to their buying decision. Meanwhile, more than half of failed purchases occurred because the delivered item didn’t match the product description pages. In other words, the customer may not know why to choose the product without the product description.

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells

Every word in your product description has the purpose of building a case to support your product and convert your visitor to a paying customer. Therefore, you cannot afford to write a couple of lines on your site without critical points to convince the visitor. As a result, you should invest the required time, effort, and research to input all the necessary words for higher conversion for an effective sale funnel.

Below are important ways to create the best product descriptions that sell products.

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Know your Audience

The first step to creating the correct product description is studying and understanding your customers’ needs. It would help if you tailored your report in a way that answers the question of the customers. At times, what the customers are searching for may be problems requiring adequate, workable solutions. Meanwhile, remember that you cannot generalize solutions by assuming that what works for a teenager can also work for older adults.

Meanwhile, digital marketing implies that you need to streamline the customers to be specific about their characteristics. For instance, if your audience has an environmental consciousness, you can find information about the recyclable product or made from recycled materials. Such a property will catch their fancy.

Moreover, you should craft a convincing product description and integrate trendy keywords related to your products. The next thing is to be sure prospective buyers can find your item and make a purchase. On the other hand, you are not likely to sell many air conditioners in temperate regions of the world. These are the essential issues to keep in mind when describing the products in-store.