Evaluating and Improving Your SEO Strategy 
SEO SEO Agencies Australia

Evaluating and Improving Your SEO Strategy 

SEO is a never-ending process of learning and refining. Here’s how to stay ahead of algorithm changes and continue to develop your business. SEO techniques that you learnt a few years ago may not be relevant now. To stay ahead of the most recent update in SEO strategies, you must ensure your SEO services is handled by one of the best SEO agencies.

When it comes to ranking, Google and other search engines make continual modifications so that they can provide better service for their consumers. Ranking on the first page of search results is important to the success of any online business, since traffic is the key to growth. And getting to the top of the search engine rankings has long been the goal of SEOs.

Regardless of how long your website has been up, there is always space for growth in your seo service. Determine your existing situation before looking for places for development.

Evaluating Your SEO Plan 

What are the sources of the links pointing to your website? Are all of them of a high standard? Your rating may suffer if this is not addressed. Disavow links with Google to remove them from search results.

Evaluating and Improving Your SEO Strategy 

Look at the Technical Side

Look at the website’s technical features after completing the link assessment.

  • Is it possible for search engines to index your site?
  • How well-structured is the information in the article? 
  • Is Google Search Console indicating any crawl errors? Yes, each page has a title tag and a meta description.
  • Is the page loading time reasonable?
  • The mobile-first index is upon us, and are you ready for it?
  • Are all pictures tagged correctly?

Take a Deep Dive into Your Content & Social Media Strategies

There’s more to revamping your content strategy than just cranking out fresh material and setting a publication date.

  • Adding new content is great, but don’t forget to take a look at what you’ve already had.
  • Make sure that all of your contents adhere to standard grammatical and spelling conventions.
  • When the material doesn’t meet the needs of the target audience, modify it to incorporate extra value. 
  • The content is carefully divided and has proper internal linking.
  • Consider how you may include your social media strategy into your entire plan.

Build your trust, authority, and inbound links, which will lead to an increase in traffic to your website and more brand recognition via your social media engagement and content strategy working together. Even if you’re doing it yourself, ensure you have a professional SEO company or SEO agency in your contact for regular updates about the right strategies to implement.

Evaluating and Improving Your SEO Strategy 

Make Sure You Answer These Questions

Your present strategy’s effectiveness may be gauged by answering the following questions:

  • Search engine traffic – what percentage does it make up?
  • What pages aren’t receiving any visitors?
  • Is there a significant amount of referral traffic?
  • Where are we now in the evolution of the rankings?
  • How has the site evolved since it was launched?
  • Is there a particular piece of material that I’m really proud of? Is this the worst?
  • Since the previous audit, how many new links has the site accrued?
  • It’s important to know how many people are converting.

If you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to put your efforts where they’re required most.


Attempt to Produce Higher Quality Content

A top Melbourne SEO agency have found out that – the days of writing a 500-word blog article and assuming it was good enough are long gone. Many professional SEO companies now believes that to rank better, a larger piece of content would allow you to go deeper into a subject and so deliver more value to your audience.

Keep in mind that Google’s client is the searcher, and if you satisfy the searcher’s needs, Google will reward your efforts. A first-page result with an average word count of 1,890 has been shown to perform better in Google’s search results when it is long form.

Using keyword and topic modelling, you may include more relevant terms in long-form material. So, you’re not keyword stuffing, but you’re increasing your chances of ranking better for those important keywords all the same!

Evaluating and Improving Your SEO Strategy 

Additionally, you may enhance the quality of your material by providing a wide range of different types of content, such as:

  • Infographics.
  • Polls.
  • Assessments.
  • Videos.
  • Surveys.
  • Quizzes.

For both the sake of SEO and the content team’s sanity, include interactive components into your website design.

Organize Your Link Building Activities and Create a Strategy

Link building gets a little simpler when you have a strong foundation of quality content. While high-quality content tends to generate more links on its own, you don’t have to wait for it to happen. Remember that you need links from a wide range of websites. It’s not simply your homepage that should include connections to other parts of your site.

If you want to compete with your rivals in the search engines, you must first look at the sort of links your competitors have and ensure that you receive those links and more. Ask your SEO agency to perform a “competitive research and analysis” or “marketing research” for your business, to see what your top competitors are doing rightly and wrongly.

Maximize Click-Through Rates by Optimising Headlines

People’s initial impression of your content is shaped by your title, therefore it’s critical to get it right.

Your title is the most important part of your content, so don’t skimp on it.

Encouragement of Participation

You may boost your search engine results by encouraging visitors to engage with your content by including a call to action.

The longer users stay on your site, the more likely they are to find what they’re searching for.


Ensure that your SEO strategy is reviewed on a regular basis. For example, it will help you keep things fresh, stay ahead of any possible algorithm modifications, and push you towards continuous growth over time.

And don’t assume you know the game, Google has constantly been changing the direction of the goal post, to know where to channel your energy and resources, engage a SEO specialist. Look for the best SEO agencies in your local area, there are many top Australia SEO companies that can give a cutting-edge solution to any SEO strategy worries. 

Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 
SEO SEO Agencies Australia

Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 

Without a question, one of the most important marketing skills you can learn is search engine optimization (SEO). You can prove the worth of your content marketing efforts while building campaigns or strategies to enhance your business brand’s search engine ranks for relevant keywords or phrases if you know how to undertake SEO analysis. This article is not just for SEO agencies or those who wants to be an SEO specialists, but most entrepreneurs and business owners actually need to understand how this things work so has to know what their SEO service provider is doing per time, or the report their local SEO agency is presenting.


You’re unlikely to develop content that provides direct value to your audience or is judged indexable by search engines like Google if you don’t take an analytical approach to your seo services. It is high time you begin to understand organic search results from the perspective of an SEO agency. You’ll rapidly fall behind the pack if you don’t rank for the proper key phrases or increase your online authority.

SEO reporting tools are used by SEO companies to act as their  eyes in the dark, providing them with the insights, data, and information needed to constantly improve search engine optimization strategy across every channel and touchpoint conceivable (from blog and landing pages to Facebook, YouTube, and beyond).

In today’s hyper-connected, tech-driven world, there are a variety of free SEO analysis tools available that are used by the best SEO agencies, which can show you where your on-page and off-page SEO strategies are working and where they should be improved.

Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 

Let’s get started.

Google Search Console and Analytics

Google Analytics is a trustworthy platform that provides a plethora of information on your customers’ demographics, preferences, engagement activities, and browsing patterns as the key go-to tool for SEO companies, including affordable SEO agencies in Australia (among other important insights).

The nicest thing about Google Analytics is that there are a plethora of free, practical how-to instructions for using and navigating the site. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two tools that may help you monitor a variety of relevant metrics depending on your individual search-related goals and benchmarks when it comes to SEO analysis.

You should also be aware of other Google Analytics alternatives, as well as a useful tool called URL Profiler, which combines data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console into a single report.


If you want to do keyword SEO analysis and discuss your findings or recommendations with your boss or CEO, KWFinder’s interface is simple, logical, and aesthetically appealing. It a tool used by the top SEO agencies and also local affordable SEO companies in Australia.

KWFinder, allows SEO agencies to execute domain-based keyword searches and discover what phrases competitors are using.

Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 

By entering a keyword discovery search into the platform, you may have fast access to a beneficial combination of simple data that will help you compile lists of effective terms for certain SEO campaigns, content, or activities. The following is some of the useful information:

  • A keyword popularity and trend chart that illustrates search volumes over time.
  • A chart-based keyword difficulty visualisation that informs you how much overall traffic competition there is for a single phrase or term.
  • A keyword questions tab that displays the most popular and relevant questions people are asking about a certain topic. This is especially useful if you’re wanting to update or enhance current content in order to better match a searcher’s intent or get rich snippet rankings
  • A comprehensive list of relevant keywords, along with search volume, difficulty, and pay-per-click (PPC) costs: a useful measure for any paid marketing study or reporting.

Unbounce Page Analyzer

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of user experience (UX) in SEO planning and digital marketing and its influence on search engine results; on-page SEO research based on navigability and usability is critical.

While Unbounce has a lot of technical tools and features used by SEO companies, the landing page analyser is ideal for novices who want to do UX-based on-page SEO research.

Unbounce’s algorithm help SEO service providers to deliver up a basic report that gives an overall page score while going further into the UX-centric features that matter once you type the appropriate URL into the platform and explain your page’s goal keywords.

Top SEO Reporting Tools Used by SEO Agency 

Unbounce’s on-page analyser tool includes a statistic for Message Match (a score based on the relevancy and value of your page content—or, in other words, a rating on how well it delivers on its promises)—a major SEO ranking element.

Simply register and get acquainted with the site just as professional SEO agency does, add your URL, and begin analysing. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to a variety of essential SEO analysis information thanks to this tool’s easy and visually accessible interface.

Insights into PageSpeed

Your page speed performance will have an influence on your company’s overall SEO success, in addition to the quality and shareability of your content, your domain authority, and your UX offers.

PageSpeed Insights is a free, easy-to-use tool that provides extensive Core Web Vitals assessments as well as a breakdown of your page’s speed and loading performance. The images are easy to understand, and you may be able to discover what you need with only one search. You will get a detailed list of suggestions for improving the performance of your pages.

SEO agencies do take deeper dive into the platform suggestions (based on mobile or desktop research), as is a more selective approach, which would allow SEO agency or anyone to focus on just the most relevant or important discoveries. 

If You Haven’t Already, Check Out These Other Resources:

To get a complete picture of your brand’s search engine optimisation operations and results, use the other tools listed below. These are also the same tools used by the best SEO agencies in Australia and everywhere else, except that they have unlimited subscription to most of these tool platforms and the proficiency of SEO companies skills in using these tools are next to none, obviously that’s because it’s job.

With the use of these tools, your strategy may be improved, and tangible measurements can be used to back up your ideas or activities. There are a few additional useful tools you may want to check out:

  • Keys4Up
  • Screaming Google’s search engine crawler
  • Moz
SEO Agencies' 5 Stages of an Effective Sales Funnel
Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO Agencies Australia

SEO Agencies’ 5 Stages of an Effective Sales Funnel

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How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells
Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO Agencies Australia

Product SEO Agency: How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells

Is your business about selling products? Have you been struggling with lead conversion into paying customers with your SEO? Then, this article is an excellent place to start to review your product description. Mind you, and your product description is your sales tool to convince your potential customers to not only consider your product but buy.

There are several steps/stages that a potential customer takes before finally deciding by obeying your call to action. A beautiful secret to selling more products online is to write a killer product description. Product descriptions can persuade a customer who is yet indecisive about receiving some motivation towards considering your product.

It is also essential to learn that 20% of product failure is because users could not find satisfying product information. Can you now see more need why you should create a product description that sells? The next question is how to create a product description that will persuade your audience enough to buy your products.

What is a Product Description?

Product descriptions contain information on the products you have for sale that customers can read and take action. Often, these product descriptions can be used on e-commerce sites or landing pages of a sales funnel. In other words, the crafty lines of this product copy must have the ability to compel readers or visitors to become paying customers of your described product. learn more about product description and how it helps SEO at https:/p1.com.au/

Product descriptions do not necessarily have to be long but must contain all necessary information. They can be short, snappy, and straight to the point. Often, you need images to convey the required information to the buyer.

The length of your product description is a factor of the details you intend to include with the images of the product to show the design. However, the main goal is to offer the critical properties of the product to the customers who need to know them. The essential elements include;

  • The main story behind products on sale
  • How does the product solve the problem
  • Benefits of purchasing this product
  • The uniqueness of this product and its advantages over other products
  • Show the essential materials and ingredients

What is the critical information in a Product Description?

A digital or online store for e-commerce gives you the luxury of showing all the features and benefits of the product. Your product description is the first contact point a customer has to interact with your product. Remember that you are writing this description to ensure that you answer all your potential customer’s questions.

Similarly, statistics have also shown that over 87% of all online shoppers rate the product description as extremely important to their buying decision. Meanwhile, more than half of failed purchases occurred because the delivered item didn’t match the product description pages. In other words, the customer may not know why to choose the product without the product description.

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sells

Every word in your product description has the purpose of building a case to support your product and convert your visitor to a paying customer. Therefore, you cannot afford to write a couple of lines on your site without critical points to convince the visitor. As a result, you should invest the required time, effort, and research to input all the necessary words for higher conversion for an effective sale funnel.

Below are important ways to create the best product descriptions that sell products.

Know your Audience

The first step to creating the correct product description is studying and understanding your customers’ needs. It would help if you tailored your report in a way that answers the question of the customers. At times, what the customers are searching for may be problems requiring adequate, workable solutions. Meanwhile, remember that you cannot generalize solutions by assuming that what works for a teenager can also work for older adults.

Meanwhile, digital marketing implies that you need to streamline the customers to be specific about their characteristics. For instance, if your audience has an environmental consciousness, you can find information about the recyclable product or made from recycled materials. Such a property will catch their fancy.

Moreover, you should craft a convincing product description and integrate trendy keywords related to your products. The next thing is to be sure prospective buyers can find your item and make a purchase. On the other hand, you are not likely to sell many air conditioners in temperate regions of the world. These are the essential issues to keep in mind when describing the products in-store.

Provide all necessary details of your products

The more details you give about your item in-store, the better your chances of convincing prospective buyers. For example, when a potential buyer searches for bags, the bags in your store must describe the size, material, color, and accessories. Others include combinable dresses, cultural links, durability, and other essential details.

At the same time, when describing your items, ensure that you write so that the readers get the precise information. List out all the specifications, features, and other details.

Write a unique copy in your product descriptions

At this point, know that consumers have the freedom to check out as many items as they like before buying one. Therefore, your aim should be to retain visitors until they purchase from you and not check others. At the same time, you are not the only one selling that particular item online. Therefore, there is a need for you to stand out of the crowd and offer something unique.

Furthermore, craft unique content that, even though it looks similar, the visitor will prefer. Starting from your landing page design, product image, labeling, description layout, and navigation options, give your visitor the best user experience. On the other hand, even if you share the same set of products with other sellers, stand out by offering one-of-a-kind product descriptions. Click here to learn more about crafting unique content.


When creating a product description, resist the urge to use the same description as the manufacturer. Although this advice works particularly for retailers of products, all product description writers and SEO agencies must note. The road may appear shorter and more accessible. Still, it usually backfires before it defies the uniqueness rule and tells the search engine algorithm that you are lazy. Trust me, and you don’t want that. When your production description is ready, don’t forget to review it for SEO purposes before the final launch.

Start A T-Shirt Business In 2020

Start A T-Shirt Business In 2020

About the T-Shirt business industry

The T-shirt industry is very attractive because it is lucrative.  The statistics show that sales amounted to over 3 billion dollars globally in 2019.  The industry shows no signs of slowing down and upward growth in sales is expected between 2020 to 2025.

The industry is global, thus allowing anyone around the world to succeed. One easy method is to do online design and work with a dropshipping company. This means that designers can register with a T-Shirt drop shipper and upload their designs to the website. This is a rather easy business model, in my opinion.

In return, the dropshipping company orders the T-Shirts and handles the payments and deliveries.  The designer does not need to pay overhead costs in the online t-shirt design model.

People without graphic design skills can become involved since there are a plethora of free and/or paid designs available. One of the easiest methods for designing is to add text-based designs like names, occupations, birthdays, animals, and work up from there.

Designers also have access to a myriad of  T-shirt design apps and tools, and free tutorials online to get started.

Clickbank Marketing Tools

Start A T-Shirt Business In 2020

How many designs do you need to start a T-shirt business?

You need to start off with at least a few designs, I would say at least five. In fact, you can easily start with one. One of the beauties of the industry is that a single graphic design can be sold on different types of T-shirts and other products.  This increases your earning potential. For example, your design can be applied to classic T-shirts, crew-neck  T-shirts, v neck T-shirts, Kids’ T-shirts, baby one-pieces, and hoodies. Some companies also offer dozens of other products like face masks, and home decor items such as throws, bath mats, and wall art. The company that I dropship with offers dozens of free premade templates that you can customize to your liking. You can also select designs from Shutterstock and pay royalty fees to the designer when a sale is made. I use free online design software to craft my ideas. You can also use it as there are dozens of templates and ideas. They also provide free tutorials.

Maple Leaf to build $310 million plant-based protein plant – Food Business News

Maple Leaf to build $310 million plant-based protein plant – Food Business News

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Greenleaf Foods, SPC, has unveiled plans to build a $310 million plant-based protein food processing facility in Shelbyville, Ind. Once constructed, the 230,000-square-foot facility will be the largest facility and investment of its kind in North America, Maple Leaf said. It is expected to double the company’s current production capacity.

The Shelbyville facility will make tempeh, franks, sausages, and raw foods, Maple Leaf said. The Lightlife Plant-Based Burger, which was introduced earlier this year and was described by Maple Leaf as the “most significant innovation launch” in its 40-year history, also will be produced at the plant. The Lightlife Plant-Based Burger is made from pea protein, coconut oil, and beet powder and has a juicy, beefy texture, according to the company.

Maple Leaf to build $310 million plant-based protein plant – Food Business News

“With Lightlife and Field Roast, we own the leading brands in the North American refrigerated plant-based protein market,” said Michael H. McCain, president, and chief executive officer. “This investment will secure our ongoing leadership in this rapidly expanding market. By establishing a large-scale North American network, we will continue to meet the rapidly growing demand for delicious protein alternatives and create a center of excellence for innovation. It will escalate the financial contribution of this

Maple Leaf said the new facility will be supported by approximately $50 million in government and utility grants and incentives, including $9.6 million toward capital and one-time start-up costs, and approximately $40 million in 10-year operational support. The company said it expects to incur one-time start-up costs of $34 million. The investment will be funded through a combination of cash flow from operations and debt, Maple Leaf said.

Construction on the Shelbyville plant is expected to begin later this spring, with production start-up anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In addition to the new plant, Maple Leaf said it is investing approximately $26 million to keep pace with ongoing growth in demand at its existing facilities.

Overall, the expanded network is expected to deliver a return on capital for shareholders in the range of 13% to 16% through 2024, the company said. By 2022, the adjusted EBITDA margin of the company’s plant-based protein network is expected to be in line with Maple Leaf’s overall EBITDA margin target of 14% to 16%.