Via online business online marketing online business opportunities Top 20 Types of Self Employment for Entrepreneurs

Via  online business  online marketing  online business opportunities Top 20 Types of Self Employment for Entrepreneurs

Via online business online marketing online business opportunities

Interested in working for yourself andbuilding a business as a solopreneur? There are more opportunities than ever for individuals to make a solid living while being self-employed. No matter your skills, interests or experience, there’s sure to be a type of self-employment that is well suited to your needs.

Via online business online marketing online business opportunities Types of Self-Employment

Here are 20 of the top self-employed business opportunities right now.

Virtual Assistant Service

If you want to work from home and enjoy a fairly flexible schedule, you could work with business owners as a virtual assistant. VAs can handle a variety of tasks, from social media to inbox management. Choose a specialty or offer a wide array of services to your clients.

Errand Service

For those who prefer to get out of the house and work with clients in their local communities, you might consider starting an errand service. Pick up groceries, handle laundry or dry cleaning and complete various other tasks in exchange for an hourly fee or a set price per errand.

Graphic Design Service

For design savvy individuals, you can offer your services on a freelance or contractual basis. Design logos, websites or branding elements for businesses. Or if you prefer to work at the consumer level, you could design custom invitations or other paper goods.

Ecommerce Sales

If you’d like to start a product based business, you could easily start your own ecommerce store using marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. You could even create your own website or sell handmade products on sites like Etsy.

Social Media Consulting

For those with a marketing background, you can offer your expertise to businesses as a social media consultant. Either help clients create a strategy that they can execute on their own or actually handle the posting for them as well.

Life Coaching

You could also offer a wide array of expertise to individuals by creating a life coaching business. Life coaches help clients with everything from health and diet to financial and professional goals.

Personal Training

For a more focused approach, you could also offer your services as a personal trainer. Set up a home gym or meet clients at a local facility in your area. Then you can work with them to create a fitness routine to help them meet their goals.

Auto Detailing

If you’re interested in a mobile business, offer car washing and auto detailing services to drivers in your area. You just need to purchase some basic equipment, then you can travel to your clients and provide services at their location.

Handyman Service

If you’re skilled in a variety of home improvement techniques, you could offer your skills as a local handyman. You can help clients with everything from assembling furniture to fixing electrical issues.

Hair Styling

With some basic training and experience, you can start your own business as a hair stylist. Either invest in a small studio space or offer to meet clients at their homes.

Makeup Artistry

Similarly, you can work as a self employed makeup artist. You might even specialize in weddings or special events to really narrow down your client base.

Digital Product Sales

If you are interested in passive income, you could design and sell digital products like printables, guides or templates. You can set these items to be automatically delivered to people after they purchase, so not much work is required on your part once you’ve finished each item.

Child Care Service

If you have the training and experience to work with children, you could run a child care facility out of your home or offer in-home child care services to families in your area.

Tutoring Service

If you prefer teaching or have a specific area of study, you might consider starting your own tutoring service where you work with students one-on-one.

Dog Walking Service

If you think you’d like to work with dogs, start a business as a professional dog walker. Advertise to pet owners in your local area and get on a schedule with regular clients.

Event Planning

For those with strong organizational and communication skills, consider starting an event planning business. You can either offer general planning services or specialize in one type of event, like weddings or corporate retreats.

Photography Service

If you have a photography degree or a great eye, start your own photography business. You can specialize in event photography, portraits or even pet photography. If you prefer selling products over services, open a print shop or sell stock photos online.


There are so many different blogging niches that you could consider building a business around. Consider your interests and strengths to choose a relevant topic. Then create content and build an audience before offering sponsored content or partnership opportunities to brands as a way to monetize your blog.


If audio content is more up your alley, you could create a similar type of business around podcasting. Start by focusing on quality content creation and audience building. Then build your business through ads and sponsorships.

Ebook Sales

If you have relevant expertise in a particular area, you could also sell your knowledge in the form of ebooks. Self-publish your own work and then sell it on your own site or on existing platforms like Amazon.


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