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Cyber security has been vulnerable to hackers and malicious actors. In past, complete vulnerability of cyber security has reached to threshold of distractedness and distrust. Believe it or not, it is a matter of minutes for hackers to infiltrate into a system. As attackers automate, even highly protected systems can become victimized. In October, 2019, hackers breached data security network of Avast Anti-Virus using VPN profile and caused loss of hefty sum of money. Likewise, Toyota Australia is one of the victims of cyber security attacks in 2019. Hackers breached into data of million of drivers and caused trouble for an automobile giant.

Well, it’s not a hard-nut-to-crack to curtail cyber security threats and make your digital life well-protected. All you need is to adopt new security measure to safeguard your confidential data, online identity and your digital asset. And, that new security measure is ‘AI.’

Artificial intelligence is the new normal in the world of cyber security for iron-clad protection. AI, undeniably, is going to become Billion-dollar industry by 2025 with endless opportunities for businesses, technologists and individuals. It is speculated that three quarters of apps will be using Artificial Intelligence by the end of 2021. Since, AI is getting vast popularity in all industries as it eases up and improves data processes. At the same, helps humans break shackles of time-constraints and focus more on important issues.  One area in which Artificial intelligence is making quick progress is Cybersecurity.

It’s not incorrect to say that AI is inevitable for Cybersecurity. From massive systems to websites for small-and-medium sized businesses, artificial intelligence can help government agencies, business owners and ordinary individuals to protect their online privacy without second thoughts.

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Wondering how?

Suppose, you’re running an Ecommerce website with thousands of visitors each day, but fearful of data breach; what could be other best way for quick AI integration into your website than ‘Bots.’ They are quick, highly-programmed and work better than humans (Yes, they do). Plus, you will not have to monitor your website after every 15 minutes. Your security defense will become impenetrable and well-guarded. So, get professional website maker onboard with expertise in bot development. This way, you can take security and protection of your website or an app to the next-level.

Don’t forget – Cybercriminals are very smart at embracing new techniques and technological innovations and finding loopholes to weaken cybersecurity defenses. Whereas AI with its full potential is about to drive systematic changes in the domain of cybersecurity and will impact online security greatly in the coming future.

Below, I’m going to discuss state of AI in cyber security in 2019. These are the five solutions that surface for flawless cybersecurity. Rest assured: Artificial Intelligence is the only weapon that can keep all threats away from harming your online privacy and valuable data.

1 – Monitoring of Unusual Activities

On a large scale, monitoring unusual activities is a task full of complications and energy-draining practices. On the top of everything, identifying usual activities from unusual ones adds more salt into wounds. Here, a linear solution which can help in constant monitoring of activities in a system, database or anywhere is AI. If programmed well, it can ease up tracking of abnormal activities. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can be monitored to detect threats present in a system. As AI gets more advanced, it can foil hacking attempts with ease.

Coupled with machine learning, AI can fetch, store, assimilate and evaluate data to fend off any chance of recurrence of malware, virus or any potential threat.

2 – Timely Detection

51% of enterprises relies on AI for detection of major threats in a system. A very small percentage of enterprises moved past detection towards prediction and response.

Anyways, timely detection is slightly different from monitoring unusual activities which we have already discussed above. In proactive detection, AI works to pinpoint potential weaknesses, security flaws and bugs. Keep in mind: a loose permission is an opportunity for phishing agents, hackers and malware to access your most important data. For instance, ML (Machine Learning) can come handy in detecting untrusted data sent from an app.

SQL injection vulnerability is one of the most commonly exploited weaknesses by viruses and malware to enter system and take away crucial data and information. Another weakness which can be overcome with artificial intelligence is detection of buffer overflow – when an app starts to put more data than normal in a buffer. Plus, Human error is sure to happen anywhere. Again, AI is the best remedy to track data breaches timely to prevent any potential damage.

3 – Prevention

With more advancement in AI (Artificial Intelligence), not only will it be easy to detect flawed systems and updates, but also prevention from exploit will be automatic and you won’t have to worry about anything. So, therefore, whether it is adding extra firewalls or correcting coding errors; artificial intelligence is the great way to prevent problems and vulnerabilities from happening.

4 – Large Database Update

AI can help in updating large security databases. Plain simply, it analyzes logs from various sources and detects imminent threats. AI works to connect dots by storing complete data from different logs and records to identify new threats by hackers. Similarly, it can recognize spyware and malware trends by thorough analysis of data acquired from multiple sources.

Long story short, AI is the best solution to detect new malware system quickly before they pose bigger threat at large scale.

5 – Quick Response

It is analogous to prevention, but quick response comes handy at large scale when a malware has already entered into your system. AI detects the abnormal behaviors and creates profiles of malwares and viruses. An appropriate response to the malware or virus comes here to fill the void by controlling damage, eliminating virus from the system, patching security flaws and adding up additional protective layers to stop recurrence of infection in the system.

Conclusion – State of AI in Cyber security 2019

All-in-all, State of AI in cyber security 2019 isn’t questionable at all because artificial intelligence has become indispensable for cyber security. All five solutions discussed here from monitoring of unusual activities, timely detection, and prevention to large database update and quick response, they showcase how AI can help businesses, big companies, government agencies and individuals to keep themselves protected from potential threats and malware attacks and lead secure and well-protected digital lives.

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