Via online business online marketing online business opportunities How to Build an on-demand delivery tracking app for logistics, driver & courier

Via online business online marketing online business opportunities

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For more than a decade now, the on-demand economy is going on gaining its popularity among the people. Pioneered by Postmates, Uber, and Airbnb, it is becoming the current widely used models by redefining the user experience across many vertices.

Call it the matter of fear the demands for developingon-demand app delivery tracking app developershas drastically increased. Many industries like Uber, needs a tracking app that tracks the driver partner to reach the customer’s location. To earn credibility from the customers, the logistics companies, taxi companies, and courier companies develop a delivery tracking app for their organization.

By providing more security and reliability, the on-demand deliver apps provides a multi-channel occurrence across mobile and web.

Every year, more and more customers are fascinated byon-demand delivery apps. According to USNTRST researchin November 2018, the use of on-demand services really increased from 24.9 million customers in 2017 to 41.5 million in 2018. Sum of purchaser spending on on-demand services had reached $75.7 billion in 2018 versus $48.0 billion in 2017. The most well-liked categories of on-demand services recognized in this research were online marketplace services, transportation, food delivery, and housing.

What the on-demand delivery tracking apps help with?

Perhaps, the most known advantage of using the delivery tracking app is to deliver the location of the product in case of ecommerce, driver partner in case of taxi app. Here, the mobile tracking app plays a crucial role in storing the valuable data of both the consumer and the store owner for taking a future business decision.

In this technological era, you don’t have the headache of constantly ringing to the courier office to track the package sent or you need not call the driver you have booked for the ride.

Many courier companies provide you with a link to track your product or you can use their app to track the status of the package. This benefits both the sender as well as the receiver.

Know in depth about the reasons for the popularity of the on-demand delivery tracking app.

  1. Customer Service:

With the help of the on-demand delivery tracking app, you are always aware of the status of the package. This facilitates the customer to call the courier company to leave the package to the neighbor if you are not available home. This on-demand delivery tracking app also has the facility like leaving the parcel to the neighbor and scheduling the time for delivery by providing the neighbor’s address. Since all the data are stored in the tracking app, it’s easy for the customer service executive to provide you a concrete answer.

2. Visibility:

Imagine the horror situation wherein you order an expensive mobile phone online and you have received the estimated delivery date but you didn’t receive the Television on time.

It’s scary! because you had paid your hard earned money.

Consider the scenario where the message stated that the product delivered but you didn’t receive any. It’s even more daunting. You seem to run from pillar to post to know what had happened to your product and money.

But with the on-demand delivery tracking app for courier and logistics, you can track the package from the time of order till it is out for delivery.

The same goes for the taxi app like Uber, you build an app with a tracking facility to attract the customers and to make visible of their ride to their friends and relatives.

3. Confirmation:

This is the major reason why you use a tracking app for on-demand business. Both the consumer and the company’s executive can make sure of the availability of the person. This confirmation makes sure the delivery of the package to the customer is on time and hassle free.

4. Professionalism:

Courier companies charge higher for delivery of the product. For the products delivered through online, the shipping charges are estimated and paid during check out. People who shop online or who had sent the package via courier should have an option to track their product online. When these courier companies provide an electronic tracking facility, they are actually obliged to the promise they had made to their customers. This justifies the extra charge they receive from the buyers.

Why Tracking apps in on-demand business?

On-demand, business is enormously showing its growth in all domains. So, to grab the trust factor from the customer, building a tracking app has become a mandatory one.

  • It provides 24/7 app facilities
  • GPS enabled tracking
  • Track the accurate position of the package or the driver.
  • It permits users to send useful alert messages.
  • It optimizes your business.
  • Increases safety.
  • Saves time and human resources for solving any issues from the customers.
  • Generates reports and analytics for a custom time frame.

How to build an on-demand delivery tracking app?

Regardless of the approach and the model you have chosen, it takes time, dedication and, technical expertise to make an on-demand delivery tracking app.

  1. Select your business model to be tracked:

Understand which business model works the best for you. There are several models like on-demand taxi service, on-demand parcel delivery, branded retailer app, a postal service app.

The choice is all yours.

Choose the right model by considering the business specifics, goals, target audience, resources, etc.

2. Name your business requisites and goals:

You need to analyze the specifics, opportunities and the requirements for your business to make the best in creating a tracking app.

For instance, explore the geography of the delivery service. Is it within a city or it can be scaled in the future?

Know about the limitations in the weight of the parcel. Whether the delivery can be both small as well as things like big wardrobes etc.

3. Identify the appropriate feature while developing an on-demand delivery tracking app:

If your business involves any type of transportation, a tracking app can help you to optimize and build your business and grasp a better ROI. Adding a tracking facility to your delivery tracking app for courier or driver app will lead the users to acquire more contextual experience and it increases the marketability of the business.

  • Monitoring:

The monitoring feature is attached to the on-demand delivery tracking app to display information like package status, location, route calculation, and real-time navigation.

  • Instant Notification:

Every action which is happening within the delivery tracking app is updated to the user to make them alert for all situation.

  • GPS accuracy:

This option indicates the GPS accuracy and it also makes an effort to inform whether the phone has GPS facility or not.

  • Cashless system:

This is an online payment system for any product or service received by the customers which can be implemented in the tracking and the delivery apps with different modes of payment of the money.

  • Face Recognition Feature:

Attendance marking can be done through this feature in the delivery tracking app.

  • Supports Maps:

The tracking and delivery app which is built for on-demand business supports Google maps, open street maps hybrid maps by integrating it into their app with the addition of geolocation.

  • Inculcate social media plugins.
  • Customer profile, including address, personal information, orders, and payments.
  • In-app chat facility to get in touch with the courier partner or driver partner.
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings and reviews
  • For courier tracking app, you may include features like a list of orders which are filtered by time added, parcel size, etc. The on-demand tracking app can be built by running a matching algorithm to assign an order to the nearest courier partner with the accept or deny options.
  • Delivery status acknowledgment from the customers through a digital signature or scanning QR code generated by the customer application.

Ways to develop your on-demand delivery tracking app

  1. Do it by yourself. If you are tech savvy and you acquire a lot of technical expertise, you can very well build your on-demand delivery tracking app.
  2. The next way is to search and find a reliable and experienced app developer to handle all the process from A to Z.

If you are sound in technical limitations, the second option seems to be handier that you can always rely on professionals working in that field.

It is always common to see people try to make and launch a full-fledged delivery tracking app at one go. It is always risky when you opt that method. Always, prioritize your features and implement the most important one to be inculcated in your delivery tracking app. Once your app comes live in the google store, you can easily collect the feedbacks from the customers, analyze the data on its performance and enhance your delivery tracking app efficiently.

This way you can always avoid the risk in implementing and launching the full-fledged delivery tracking app.

Customized on-demand delivery tracking app with BigZiel:

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