Via online business online marketing online business opportunities How Ecommerce Apps Help You to Scale Your Business

Via online business online marketing online business opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect business mobile apps for yourecommercestore?

Do you want to know how to scaleecommercebusiness?

If you are keen to know about the benefits ofmobileapp forecommercestore sales, it’s time you read this blog.

We present howecommerceapps can help you to scale your online business, looking at the latest trends, technologies,andadvancementsright here.

Understanding what customers want is the core of effective ecommerce businesses. In the present digital era, a flawless and smooth shopping app is the key to win the customer’s heart and grab mindshare, as well as wallet share!

Whether it’s peak hours on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or even during a lean shopping season, your ecommerce store will always need a reliable and seamless mobile app to cash in on sales. Major retail ecommerce companies like Target Corporation have seen an increase of over 200% year-on-year in their ecommerce business by using mobile apps, according toCBS Insights.

Ecommerce mobile app development further incorporates cutting-edge technologies and innovations that let you know how to grow an ecommerce business or even start a small scale business.

A readymade ecommerce app can boost the ROI of your online business exponentially. Given that there are apps for literally everything (remember Apple’s “there’s an app for that!” marketing campaign?), why should ecommerce business or the online marketplace lag behind?

To understand ecommerce scaling, it is essential to use mobile app for your business and use these apps to grow your ecommerce business. If you want your small scale business to start growing, boost your toolkit of hi-tech apps.

Almost 70% of brands are now relying on mobile apps for their business. For small businesses, this means big bucks! For enterprises, ecommerce mobile apps are simply the best way out, whether your business seeks to boost productivity, profits, revenue, or ROI. The USP or benefits of mobile app for ecommerce cannot be emphasized enough.

According toFlurry Analytics, there’s an 11% increase in mobile usage alone from 2015–2018 and still growing. A massive number of customers are spending more time on retail mobile apps. If you need to know how to scale ecommerce website portals, mobile ecommerce apps hold the key.

1. The Rise of Mobile apps

There are tons of ecommercemobile appsout there that can perform just about any function. In 2008, the iTunes store had 800 apps to download.Statistaestimates business mobile app statistics for the iTunes store in 2019 to have as many as 1,900,000 mobile apps. The research group also estimates the number of Android mobile apps to be pegged at 2,100,000!

When mobile phones became smart devices, the rise of ecommerce mobile apps dedicated to specific functions came into operation. An ecommerce business model for small scale businesses as well as large enterprises must have dedicated software for particular tasks.

This includes personalization of the device and use of the apps for shopping. When it comes to how to scale an ecommerce store, the importance of mobile apps for ecommerce businesses cannot be stressed enough.

2.Why E-Commerce Apps Beat Mobile Sites

You may argue that mobile sites are just as good to scale ecommerce business. But this is not so. Mobile apps beat responsive sites for ecommerce, because mobile usage dominates over desktop. Mobile app usage is the preferred medium for mobile browsing.

Here’s why there is a need for mobile application for ecommerce businesses.

Dedicated Apps

As the mobile apps are dedicated to making it easier to shop, users can quickly locate products or services of their choice from any smart device, on the move. Business mobile apps for Android attract millions of users. But whether you’re considering ecommerce mobile apps for Android, iOS or Windows, the real strength of these apps is that they are way easier, as against browser-based or desktop interfaces.
Utility rich

Shopping utilities apps are convenient. An ecommerce application makes it easy to use features of the device. This includes GPS, Bluetooth, and a camera. With mobile apps, many processes are automatic such as checkouts and payments. For example, in an ecommerce application, you can scan for mobile payments. Further, these utilities apps are being integrated into wearable devices to ensure you can scale your ecommerce business website plan.

Feature packed

Each of the features and functionalities of such shopping apps is worth the ecommerce app development cost. These apps automatically detect the location and expand your clientele by offering hassle-free shopping experiences.

Can be used offline

If your focus is on how to scale up a business, mobile apps for small businesses or enterprises can be a real crowd puller, entirely only because they can even be used offline. Other forms of online shopping require internet connections. Offline ecommerce apps are far more convenient.

Load Faster

If you want to know how to scale an ecommerce business, the crucial element is a fast loading shopping interface. This is also where ecommerce mobile apps for small businesses or even big ones score. These apps load faster, and users don’t have to face the hurdle of opening the web browser, typing in the URL, and letting the page load. It is easier to be clicking app icons.

No ecommerce marketing software can match up to the simplicity and ease of a fast-loading mobile app if you’re wondering how to scale an ecommerce business. Ecommerce solutions for small businesses should not focus on mobile websites. Instead, permit smooth navigation using smartphone apps.

3.Ecommerce Mobile Apps: Redefining the Ecommerce Business

Studies have demonstrated that close to 89% of users are deploying mobile retail apps rather than logging on to even a responsive website. Whether its clothes shopping apps or a food delivery app, those wondering how to scale business should rely on these utility rich apps to expand into global markets. E-commerce application examples abound.

Online retailers are also showcasing how 75% of all traffic to online virtual storefronts is through mobile devices or tablets. Users clearly understand the value of apps. Ecommerce businesses realize there’s more to an application than messaging apps for business.

Even if you’re at a stage where you need to know how to start an ecommerce business, starting an ecommerce business from scratch requires a shopping app, even a basic one. In 2015, revenue from such ecommerce application reached USD 80.94 billion. Now the figures are shooting to USD 206.53 billion, marking a 155% rise in just three years.

A small scale business in the ecommerce industry can now get on equal footing with seasoned competitors, experienced enterprise companies, and industry leaders. Mobile-first apps are giving even the small scale business a level playing field and form the perfect way out, for those seeking how to expand an ecommerce business.

For small retailers wondering how to scale business, how to grow ecommerce business is all about using technologies and apps to make it big in the ecommerce industry. In previous times, ecommerce app development cost was high.

Even messaging apps for business required complicated coding. Now, crafting easily navigable, seamless, and straightforward ecommerce apps are accessible, thanks to premium mobile app development companies.

When it comes to ecommerce app, Android or iOS versions can be built in one shot. Ecommerce mobile app design and development is all a matter of hiring the right development partner. Apps for starting a business can also be developed on the right budget, with the right developer teams at hand.

4. How Ecommerce Apps Scale Business

What is the ecommerce app all about and why do these apps help to scale your ecommerce business? For how to start your own small business, you need an ecommerce business plan. But no ecommerce business model is complete without mobile app development.

More ecommerce businesses are coming up with their apps. Retail giants like Target, Amazon, and Walmart have amassed a considerable revenue because of this very reason. As to how to promote your business locally, marketing apps for business hold the key.

Ecommerce has changed how people shop. It is also changing how to promote your business online.

Along with the convenience factor, retail giants like Alibaba, Amazon, and Flipkart are also throwing in deals and promotions. Ecommerce marketing software solutions that are app based form the perfect mode for distributing deals and discounts.

Mobile apps for ecommerce are changing how to grow your small business (or even expand the reach of your ecommerce enterprise). No small scale business plan is complete without an understanding of how to grow your business online A short swipe or scroll is all that is needed for app-based etailers to bring in more customers and clinch the deal.

Data shows 80% of customers turn to smartphone shopping apps, pointing to the benefit of mobile apps for small scale business or big corporates alike. Even if you’re thinking of how to promote your business on social media, note that apps offer an accessible route as a marketing tool, for the following reasons:
Easy to Develop

From ecommerce mobile app source codes to ecommerce mobile app features, coding, and developing mobile apps for your business was never easier, with the support of the right development team.

#1 Value of relevant information

The most significant advantage of ecommerce apps for business is that ecommerce app growth and features scale with your growing customer base. This makes apps an excellent alternative. Product descriptions can be effectively prioritized.

The price must be factored in also. How much a product cost is key here.

For scaling your business, remember to customize app features to suit customer preferences, for high conversion rates and low return rates.

#2 Provide deals and discounts

As ecommerce apps provide umpteen deals and discounts, they are a huge draw among online shoppers. Close to 71% of respondents purchased or bought something through mobile apps because of discount or coupon availability. Further, mobile coupons can be instantly created, making them cost-effective.

#3 Free marketing

Tapping the potential of the mobile app as a marketing channel is essential. If users sign up, you have a subscriber list that can be used for marketing campaigns, too.

Market your product through push notifications to grow your ecommerce business. Push notifications boast a read rate of 97%, and around 90% of these are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

#4 Preferences for apps

Mobile apps are favored for customers of e-commerce stores to payment banks, food delivery, and healthcare businesses online. No online industry is untouched by ecommerce mobile app development. Mobile applications are proving their market value, besides establishing themselves as effective communication vehicles.

#5 Boost e-commerce sales

Tapping the power of personalization and other factors like superior support and exclusive content boosts your ecommerce business sales.

The online presence of ecommerce stores running business transactions across the internet can be easily monitored. With the development of ecommerce businesses, online shopping behaviors of customers are undergoing a positive change. New possibilities for business growth and expansion have been noted with smooth customer experience.

Statistaestimates shopping tops the list of mobile app categories customers spent time on in 2017. The highest profits were earned by shopping apps with a 54% increase in user sessions across the year.

In-Depth Analytics

Mobile apps offer a better view of customer preferences and ecommerce transactions and activities. This refines business and marketing strategies and provides elaborate user information.

Customized Features

Ecommerce apps are designed with personalized features to engage users, easy product filters to limit results and boost customer interest, thereby accelerating business growth.

Safe and Secure

The user’s data and online payment information through credit or debit cards, Google Pay, or even PayPal are safely secured on shopping apps. Data confidentiality and privacy are ensured.

Reduced Complexity

Mobile apps offer user-friendly experiences with rich features like search bars, multiple payment methods, and available shopping products.

More Interactive

Advanced business mobile app interfaces permit impressive user experience. Intuitive, beautiful UI and UX designs make mobile apps interactive. This helps in prolonged usage for prospective shoppers, increasing the chances to shop more.


Ecommerce apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. As ecommerce apps let shoppers shop anywhere or anytime, this is essential to boost revenue.

Lowers cart abandonment rate

Mobile ecommerce applications lower cart abandonment rates. Studies by Baymard show the rate on the website was 68% while it was 28% for mobile apps.

Loyalty integration

Integrating rewards and coupons in apps raise customer loyalty. There’s a choice between tiered rewards, scratch, and discounts, deals, referral, spin to win or coupon rewards, besides VIP rewards and action points.

Customer Retention

One can send push notifications to app users regarding the latest sales, discounts, and offers. Notifications attract massive customers, enhancing conversion rate and customer retention. Around 38% of users returned to the apps more than ten times because of notifications.

Huge Revenue

Statistaestimates mobile apps will generate USD 188.90 billion in revenue in 2020. Close to 90% of mobile time is spent on apps, as ecommerce applications offer the following benefits:

  • Make it convenient for shoppers
  • Expand the brand
  • Offer customer friendly shopping experiences
  • Utilize native mobile features and are browser independent.
  • Focus on natural and secure payments using mobile biometrics.
  • Focus on experience centric sales and are more interactive than websites.
  • Geofencing and targeting to improve brand recall
  • Improved UI and UX

Final Word

The emergence of ecommerce apps and resulting growth are only natural. New market opportunities have triggered a significant potential increase in revenue. With the evolution of mobile apps, ecommerce ecosystems have thrived and grown. Users love shopping apps for their convenience, accessibility, and utility. For business owners, this is the perfect time to invest in an ecommerce brand to meet market demands, build brand exposure, and stand out from competitors. ContactEngineerBabuand grow your business with us, as we are the right app development company to meet all your needs and requirements

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