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Via online business online marketing online business opportunities

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is rolling out across Australia, and the end is nearly in sight. Overall, the NBN should be a welcome change and is already improving communications nationwide. As with any major change, particularly one that’s not optional, there are also worries over what the NBN will mean for Australian businesses.

The good news is there’s almost no downside to the NBN, though there are some things to plan for to make your transition to fast internet as smooth as possible.

How the NBN will benefit business

Better speeds:The most obvious benefit will be faster internet speeds, though speed gains may not be quite as high as promised. Regardless, better speed will level the playing field for Australian businesses in competition with international concerns. It also means better voice quality for digital phone calls and video conferencing.

Faster internet speeds will also mean better efficiency, as employees can do everything from research to online banking to customer communication more quickly. More bandwidth and better speed also make it possible for businesses totake better advantageof big data for marketing and communication.

Stable connection to the cloud:Cloud storage is far more efficient (and much safer) than on-site servers. The NBN will make it possible for more businesses to take advantage of cloud storage, so a blackout on location can’t erase all data and businesses can expand without having to invest in expensive server infrastructure.

With stable, fast connections to the cloud, businesses can also share presentations and documents far more easily. And since everyone will be on the NBN, from other companies to private clients, it will be easy for everyone to stay connected.

Access to education and training:Many businesses benefit from an investment in employee training and further education. With access to the NBN, it becomes easier and cheaper to get advanced training and education for your workers. 

The fast connections will even allow companies to hold training seminars remotely, cutting down on costs and making it easier to consider opening branch locations and field offices.

Teleworking opportunities:Studies have shownrepeatedly that both employees and employers benefit from carefully planned and executed teleworking schemes. When implemented well, teleworking can mean higher job satisfaction for workers and higher productivity for the business.

The NBN will open up a larger pool of candidates for certain jobs, since teleworking makes it possible to hire anyone from anywhere. For businesses, this means it’s easier to find just the right person to fill a position.

More ecommerce opportunities:The whole world is moving into the digital realm. In 2017, ecommerce saleswere $2.3 trillion(USD). That number is expected to rise to over $4.8 trillion by 2021. Australian business cannot afford to fall behind in this trend.

The fast, stable connections offered by the National Broadband Network will ensure Australia is poised to lead the way in ecommerce as we move into the next decade.

What businesses need to consider

The NBN is not a voluntary system. As it rolls out in your area, you will be required to change over. That change can be needlessly costly if you haven’t prepared. 

To avoid running any risks, make sure you’ve considered all areas of connectivity and how they’ll be affected. In addition to basic internet service, you’ll need to consider:

  • Alarms
  • Landline phones
  • Elevator phones
  • Faxes and teletypewriters
  • ATM machines
  • PBX systems
  • EFTPOS terminals
  • Virtual private networks

You will also need to choose the right broadband plan with the speeds and capacity that suit your business needs. You will need NBN-specific equipment, which is provided but will need to be placed properly. You may also need additional wiring installed by our phone or internet provider.

NBN will providefast internetto businesses Australia-wide. For more information, visit iSelect today.

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