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The PS5 Reveal Event Won’t Answer Your Biggest Questions

After announcing its June 4 PS5 reveal event, Sony teases that it will have many more announcements to make. This suggests that fans are unlikely to get all of the answers to their biggest PS5 questions the first time around. Fans have been asking Sony to confirm the PS5’s release date and price. On Friday,…

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Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi Was Hilariously Wrong About the N64

Hiroshi Yamauchi was Nintendo’s longest-serving president. One of his most incendiary quotes has been making the rounds online again. He wasn’t just wrong about the N64 and PlayStation 1. He was laughably off the mark. Even gaming icons can misread industry trends – sometimes hilariously so. Enter: legendary Nintendo executive Hiroshi Yamauchi and his infamous…

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Via online business online marketing online business opportunities Ubisoft planning its own games subscription service

Ubisoft may reveal a new games subscription service at its big E3 2019 showcase this year. According to a recent placeholder on the Ubisoft Store, the publisher is readying something called Ubisoft Pass Premium, which sounds a lot like a subscription service. No details have been confirmed and the placeholder is now gone, but it’s…