Ride share driver braves blizzard for extra cash – INFORUM

Ride share driver braves blizzard for extra cash – INFORUM

FARGO — While many drivers stay off the roads in blizzards, for some it’s their job to venture out on the streets.


Hazardous conditions didn’t stop Uber and Lyft driver Erik Sadlowski from picking up fares on Thursday Feb. 7, but he said it can be nerve wracking, which is why he coordinates more closely with people who order rides.

“I call the passenger and ask them if they are willing to walk down to the street so I don’t get stuck,” he said.

Sadlowski it’s worth getting behind the wheel of his Ford Focus on nights with severe weather, as the whiteout conditions and bad roads also usually means a blizzard of green in his wallet.

“Usually it’s a very profitable night, whenever there is a storm like this, because the rides are longer,” he said, adding that people are usually eager to get to the bar after a long day of digging out of the snow.

While many drivers didn’t want to risk it on the roads today, Sadlowski said if he can get out of his apartment he’s good to go.

But not all Uber and Lyft drivers did, creating what is referred to as a surge, or shortage of drivers.

“If a ride I generally give costs $6 or $7 a pop, I can make $10 to generally $30 more per ride, that’s how good the surge can be here in the Fargo-Moorhead area, that’s what keeps me motivated to keep on trucking,” Sadlowski said, explaining that on a night like Thursday, he can make about $250 in about 10 hours.

Sadlowski says during blizzards he keeps one key piece of advice his parent always told him growing up: “Don’t drive like a maniac in this weather.”

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