Reader’s View: Republicans hypocritical on entitlements – Duluth News Tribune

Recently, an interview with former Rep. Paul Ryan was featured on a local radio station. It was interesting to hear the former speaker of the House adhere to his traditional rant about the dangers of entitlements in balancing the federal budget.

This was from a man who was able to receive Social Security survivor’s benefits at age 16 for two years due to his father passing away from a heart attack. He and his siblings were both able to receive these benefits. His family was, no doubt, eligible for other benefits, depending on his mother’s income. Presently, he is too young to receive retirement Social Security, but he collects a federal pension from his years of service in Congress. Later on he will also get retirement Social Security.

I see this time and again: Conservatives wanting to privatize Social Security and do away with or radically slash other safety-net programs set up to help those in economic difficulty. This includes workers-compensation programs for those injured on the job. Yet they are all too willing to get what they’re due when it comes to their own federal or state programs. This is really on the hypocritical side to my way of thinking.

Mark Roalson

Hoyt Lakes


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