Pnxbet Introduces Live eSports Betting to Satisfy Competitive Sports Fans’ Needs
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Pnxbet Introduces Live eSports Betting to Satisfy Competitive Sports Fans’ Needs

Pnxbet has launched its new live eSports betting category, as part of its ongoing efforts to tap into new segments and markets, filling the void left by the indefinite postponement of traditional sports leagues globally.

An Unprecedented Change in Sports Betting

Sports enthusiasts around the globe are looking to satisfy their itch to put money on sporting outcomes, as an unexpected and unprecedented change affects the industry owing to the coronavirus crisis.

Betting service providers all over the world are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as revenue from sports betting has dried up now that all of the major competitions have been either canceled or postponed until further notice. For the foreseeable future, there will be no regular NBA, , Premier League, and events to place any bets on.

Dealing with this loss of traditional sports betting requires companies to take an entirely new look at the industry. But grieving over revenue loss is not on the agenda of the Pnxbet team. Rather than looking at what could have been, the team has set off to explore a bold new option.

eSports is a Viable Alternative

Betting on sports has transcended the concept of traditional leagues and teams. Competitive gameplay can be found across avenues, primarily in the eSports segment. Players and bettors can enjoy their in a competitive environment and, with the help of Pnxbet, place bets on the outcome of games and tournaments.

Providing exposure to eSports betting gives Pnxbet an edge over other service providers as very few online gambling platforms have dipped their toes into the eSports segment, despite the virtually limitless set of opportunities. For Pnxbet, this avenue has so much potential to create a heightened engagement factor between players and fans.

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This engagement has already been translated into various new tournaments popping up year over year. Notable ones include the Tennis R.G Cup, a virtual version of the , and the NBA Regular Cyber Cup. Betting on any of these — and many others —  is now possible on Pnxbet, further enhancing the engagement factor these events bring to viewers.

The ongoing growth in the eSports industry has attracted the support of established sports franchises. The world’s leading league is currently on hiatus, yet fans don’t have to miss out on the action, courtesy of the NBA 2K20 Players Tournament, allowing them to enjoy competitive basketball in a familiar format that is still accessible.

Pnxbet Combines eSports and Traditional Gambling

Catering to the established eSports fan bases is a crucial factor for success. It is for this reason that Pnxbet is putting a special emphasis on Dota2 and CS:GO, as both eSports franchises have multiple major tournaments per year.

Complementing that focus is a profile-raising partnership in with influential streamers Coach Byb, Xan PH, and Guso Gaming.

Most betting sites have not been able to address the loss of competitive sports in an adequate manner. Exploring viable alternatives, such as eSports, will ensure platforms such as Pnxbet retain their position in the online betting industry, while continuing to provide honest live odds and convenient deposits and withdrawal options.

Check out the new live Pnxbet eSports betting revolution now, follow Pnxbet on Facebook, and join the official Pnxbet Telegram channel! Supported payment options include bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, , Voucher Wallet Code, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum.

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Last modified: April 13, 2020 5:55 AM UTC

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