Ninja Gives fortnite Fan With Cerebral Palsy an Unforgettable Shout-Out

Ninja Gives Fortnite Fan With Cerebral Palsy an Unforgettable Shout-Out
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ninja inspires fortnite fan with cebral palsy

Ninja, fresh off his exit from Twitch, gave a little boy and budding fortnite fan with cebral palsy an unforgettable shout-out. | Source: Rey Del Rio / Getty Images / AFP

ByCCN Markets: fortnite legendNinjajust gave one of his youngest fans an unforgettable shout-out, inspiring a little boy from the United Kingdom as he recovers from having multi-level medial surgery.

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Ninja, real name Tyler Blevins, took to Twitter to respond to a video by KingoCraigo, a fellow streamer who broadcastsFortnitegameplay on Twitch.

Ninja Responds to One of His Biggest Fans

Apparently I gotta send it to@ninjaand@timthetatman, two of his favourite streamers. 😂

4 week post op multi level surgery and hes getting more and more confident!

🔥Kicking cerebral palsys ASS!!!!!🔥

— TZ KingoCraigo (@kingocraigo)August 16, 2019

KingoCraigo, a father of two, posted a video of his young son Finley using a walking frame four weeks after the boy had had surgery. “He’s getting more and more confident,” captioned KingoCraigo, who also said that his son had instructed him to send the video to Ninja and TimTheTatMan, who are two of the boy’s favorite streamers.

This kid is incredible! Tell him to keep it up man.

— Ninja (@Ninja)August 16, 2019

Much to KingoCraigo and his son’s surprise, the two streamers did reply.

Ninja said, “This kid is incredible!” and told him to “keep it up,” while TimTheTatMan said, “Love it! Keep fighting!”

fortnite Star’s Shout-Out Leaves Little Boy ‘Crying’ With Joy

epic games fortnite
This little boy is unlikely to forget Ninja’s shout-out anytime soon. | Source: REUTERS / Mike Blake

KingoCraigo tweeted to say that he and Finley were “crying” with happiness and they were also surprised to see that the video of Finley walking had gotten more than 300,000 views.

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The streaming dad was happy that 300,000 more people now knew about cerebral palsy, Finley’s condition, too.

KingoCraigo had been taking a break from streaming onTwitchto support Finley after his operations but he and “the boy” did stream fortnite for a short amount of time, thanking everyone for their support.

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