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Aug 8th 2019 – 5am.


MOORHEAD — Ride-share services Uber and Lyft are available across much of the Fargo-Moorhead metro, but there’s one odd exception.

In much of the city of Moorhead, hailing a ride from Lyft is not possible.

A look at the company’s coverage map for greater Minnesota shows that the service area surrounds the city, but does not include Moorhead itself.

“We hear it constantly, every day, from Moorhead residents: ‘Why doesn’t Lyft work in Moorhead?’ We don’t know what to tell them,” said ride-share driver Chris Tangen of Hawley. “It would at least be nice to be able to tell them why.”

Tangen, who has been working for Uber and Lyft full time since the services became available in the F-M metro, said it’s a daily inconvenience for both customers and drivers.

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“If you’re outside the city limits, you can call for a Lyft and go to Moorhead. But once you get there, you’re kind of stuck,” he explained.

Lyft still serves neighboring cities Glyndon and Dilworth. Rides are available from Moorhead’s Bluestem Amphitheater with the app, but not anywhere in the heart of Moorhead.

Tangen said there are Lyft loyalists who refuse to use cabs or competitor service Uber, including one north Moorhead man who will go out of his way to get a ride.

“What he has to do is walk a couple of blocks down 15th, across the 12th Avenue bridge and to the ballpark,” Tangen said. “(He) then calls for his Lyft ride from there.”

Making matters more difficult, Lyft logs Tangen out whenever the system tries to locate other drivers from within Moorhead. Sometimes Lyft allows him to log back in right away, but often it takes about an hour to come back on — even when he leaves Moorhead.

City officials in Moorhead aren’t sure why Lyft doesn’t work within city limits, and Lyft did not immediately reply to requests for information on the issue Wednesday.

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