• Countless tributes have poured in following the tragic passing of legend in January.
  • renamed its All-Star MVP award in honor of Bryant, claiming ‘nobody embodied all-star more than Kobe.’
  • The All-Star honor is as good a time as any to put the tributes to Bryant to bed and finally allow him to rest.

The sheer number of tributes to fallen NBA legend Kobe Bryant serves as a testament to how influential he was to the sports world.

Nearly every , ex-, and analyst has eulogized the fallen star.

Most recently, Tiger Woods paid tribute to Kobe Bryant. The entire Genesis Invitational was seen as a tribute to Bryant.

But at what point do we say “enough”? How long do the tributes continue to pour in?

Kobe Bryant Wasn’t Perfect, but He Deserves to Be Honored

We all saw the Gayle King interview and the ensuing fallout. Bryant wasn’t perfect, and his past should never be brushed entirely under the carpet. was right to raise issues regarding his past.

However, Bryant was never convicted. We don’t know for sure what happened that night. We do know that since then, Bryant has gained a reputation as a great father.

He deserves to be praised for his legacy, but at some point, a line needs to be drawn.

The Kobe Tributes Are Starting to Become Ridiculous

Once rappers start getting Kobe Bryant face tattoos, it might be a sign to put the tributes to bed. At some point, you have to question when it starts to become more about the person paying homage rather than Kobe Bryant.

Who has the best Kobe tribute of them all? | Source: Twitter

To me, it’s starting to look a lot like a game of one-upmanship. Who can outdo the other with their tributes? Who can make the biggest headlines?

The NBA All-Star Tribute is a Fitting End to the Kobe Bryant Memorials

Kobe Bryant played in an amazing 18 consecutive All-Star games between 1998 and 2016. He won the game’s MVP award four times.

Naming the award after Bryant is a fitting tribute. NBA Adam Silver agrees:

What is something special we could do at All-Star that had more permanence than changing the numbers on the jerseys? This trophy that, while it has existed for a long time, it never had that particular player association, for example, in the way the Finals MVP is the Bill Russell trophy. To all of us, it seemed like the appropriate way to bring honor to him.

Bryant’s name will live on forever in the NBA. We’ll think about him every year at this time.

All-Star MVP is the perfect tribute to Kobe Bryant. | Source: Twitter

The time has come for the tributes to end. We’re bordering on ridiculous. On top of that, the salutes are starting to look like shameless self-promotion.

It’s time to let Kobe Bryant rest and let his family move on.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of CCN.com.

This article was edited by Aaron Weaver.

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Last modified: February 17, 2020 11:56 PM UTC

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