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How To Start A Record Label In 2020 

How To Start A Record Label In 2020 is a 15-page ebook written by Mercedes Moss, music publisher, author and online business coach.  The purpose of the ebook is to empower independent individuals to quickly and competently start up their own record label.



What is a record label?

A record label or record company produces music recordings and music videos. They also coordinate manufacturing of the finished product, music distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright.


how to start a record label in 2020


Four advantages of starting your own record label

Here are 4 advantages of starting a record label, in my opinion. You might be able to add your own:

  1. You will become your own boss. This is highly advantageous, especially if you are a music creator.
  2. Secondly, you will be able to record the music that you love and feel in your heart.
  3. You do not have to spend endless hours submitting your music to hundreds of record labels. That is because you are now own your own independent record label.
  4. You will now become able to charter your own destiny and help others to realize their dreams in the music industry.


how to start a record label in 2020



How can my ebook How To Start A Record Label In 2020 help you to get started?

I first give an general information about record labels and key things that you need to get started. However, the crux of the book is my discussion about two record label platforms.

There are many great record label software companies, but I settled on these two, As you read, you will be able to see the comparisons between the two, and hopefully make a choice.

The ebook contains information on how you can claim some really useful bonuses with a purchase of any of these record label packages under my affiliate links.



Contents – How To Start A Record Label In 2020


Chapter 1 – What is a record label?

How do independent record labels make money?

What are some costs involved in music production?

Why should you start your own independent record label?

Owning a record label gives you independence.

Chapter 2 – Duties to consider when starting a record label.

Steps to follow when starting a record label.

1. Choose a name for the record label.

2. Register your company.

3. Document a simple business plan.

4. Generate a free logo.

Chapter 3 – Important questions to consider when starting an indie record label.

Chapter 4 – Two platforms on which you can quickly start a record label.

Features on Platform 1.

Prices On Platform 1.

Platform 2.

Prices on Platform 2.


Chapter 5 – Learn how to quickly distribute your artists’ music as an indie record label.


Bonuses with your purchase of How To Start A Record Label In 2020

  1. YouTube video mastery – video course.
  2. Free online store to sell your music.
  3. Miscellaneous stock photos.
  4. Music contract templates.
  5. Business Plan tutorial.


how to start a record label in 2020




Mercedes Moss

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