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About our free web hosting giveaway

 I’m absolutely delighted to offer you an absolutely free web hosting giveaway. 
 What you can do with your giveaway
You can  use this webhosting giveaway to host a small WordPress website for any purpose.

Here’s what you get with our free webhosting giveaway

Host ONE top level domain.

  • You are allowed to host one free domain (or website url).
  • A top level extension (similar to .com) is provided.
  • The company offers three subdomains  with the package. However, you must upgrade the package in order to add the subdomains.

Here is an example of top-level domains and subdomains: – top-level domain. – subdomain. – subdomain.


Network uptime means that your website would be online most of the time. This is advantageous if you are doing business. The company continuously optimizes their free servers for speed and reliability.


Your websites will be installed with the One-Click Installer in 5 minutes. You do not need any technical know-how. 

The CMS used on free plans are WordPress (highly customizable), Joomla and Gray.


A file manager stores all of your website files. The user-friendly File Manager allows you to easily upload website files from your desktop, download and edit them.

5. 100% AD-FREE

This is another plus because it allows you to monetize your site and earn more income. 


The company claims that customer support specialists are available 24/7 even on free plans. However, that is not the case on the back end.

7.  Approximate monthly visits:



  • Account expires: Never (Free)
  • Storage space 1 GiB (storage is small, but upgrades are available)
  • Traffic –  5 GiB
  • Domains – 1
  • MySQL databases 1
  • Email accounts –1
  • File size limit – 15 MB
  • PHP version – 7.3.20
  • MySQL version – 5.7

I recommend upgrading the package. Right now, you can get two top-level domains and three subdomains for 2.69 per year due to COVID-19. This is a great offer.


My personal review of the system

I installed two websites on the free system. These are my findings:


  • well organized back office.
  • easy to navigate.
  • has a tutorial video.
  • great inexpensive upgrade at time of writing – can get two top level domains and three subdomains for cheap.
  • sites feel as if they load quickly (speed test was not done). 


  • No support for free users.
  • You must upgrade to get support.
Would I recommend this free webhosting giveaway?
  • Definitely, yes for small websites.
  • Inexpensive to upgrade.


























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