Editor’s Note: A new way to comment on National Post and Financial Post
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Starting today, readers will notice a new experience in our comment sections on and the Financial Post. We are partnering with Viafoura, a smart moderation platform, which will help us build a better space for civil discussions on our sites.

Viafoura is already working with and in Canada, and companies and Advance Local in the U.S. Their tools use a combination of human and AI moderation to eliminate disruptive commenters, keep users on-topic and enhance the overall experience.

We heard your feedback about our earlier commenting system. With these new tools, users can follow discussions and get notifications about new comments. Subscribers can use their existing account to sign in, which makes the entire user experience more seamless. Among some of the other new features: users have the ability to flag offending comments, easily indicate their sentiments about content with simple up and down votes, and better manage their comments and community.

When we switched over to our previous commenting system, back in 2015, the intention was to force more accountability and remove the negative part of the conversation by connecting online comments back to individual Facebook accounts. A lot has changed in the past three years. We are excited about the possibilities these new tools offer to our commenting community.

As part of our switch to a new , we are also introducing ourCommunity Guidelines, which you can find here. For more details on our new system,please visit our FAQ.

We want to keep you in the conversation as we introduce our new platform and community guidelines. Please reach out to[email protected]with questions or concerns about your experience.

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