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UPDATED 3:00 PM PST – Thursday, October 10, 2019

Amazon has been accused of violating users’ privacy again, this time through its Cloud Cam service. A Bloomberg report released on Thursday stated that Amazon workers in India and Romania have been looking through security cam footage taken on the devices in order to “improve the cam’s AI analytics” and motion detection software.

Amazon’s says its Cloud Clam service “features everything you need to help keep your home safe, with its always-ready motion detection feature helping to capture activities right from the start.”

According to the new report, the cameras are picking up more than they are supposed to. Amazon has insisted the clips are provided voluntarily, but teams have reportedly picked up clips including user’s intimate activities. The Cloud Cam’s terms of service agreement does not mention that Amazon employees are training the algorithms behind the motion detection software. However, it does make note that customer data will be collected and reviewed to “provide technical support.”

In a recent statement, Amazon emphasized its focus on maintaining user privacy.

“We take privacy seriously and put Cloud Cam customers in control of their video clips,” said the company. “Only customers can view their clips and they can delete them at any time by visiting the Manage My Content and Devices page.”

Earlier this year, Bloomberg released a report that revealed similar problems with Amazon’s Alexa device. Since then, the company has been under scrutiny regarding users’ privacy and security.

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