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11.Website Creation – Building websites for small businesses and individuals is probably one of the most obvious ways of making money online. While there may seem to be a large amount of website designers out there, by having something fresh and innovative to offer the market, you could earn a decent income. Web design is a competitive business – Having a great product, offering good service and having the right price is what it all really counts. If you have a flair for colours and design then this could be just what you have been looking for. With the help of programs and software such as Site Build It, you can start building and selling websites without any experience or design skills. You could even set it all up yourself and purchase easy to use software online or from your local computer store. There is definitely a need for website design in South ; all you have to do is get involved! If you looking for a recommended hosting provider have a look at BlueHost12.Become an – Being an is a great way to earn passive income by selling and website hosting packages to small businesses and individuals. Many existing service providers offer those interested the opportunity of reselling existing packages and making a profit. With this option you can run under your own company name and invoice your clients directly. Companies such as Web Africa offer small start up businesses the opportunity of buying at a fixed rate and providing it to their clients with a mark up. This is a fantastic online business opportunity as your clients will be your own and you won’t have to worry about giving technical support as this is all offered as part of your pre-purchased packages. Passive income has never been easier to achieve.13.Ebay Business Opportunities – Since the start of Ebay in 1995, millions of online users turned to this site for the buying and selling of goods. By registering on Ebay you can buy and sell just about anything! In order to operate a successful business on Ebay you will need a digital camera to take pictures of your products, a computer, access to the internet and the services of a reliable courier company in order to send your items overseas or even locally. Finding your way around this site is easy and you will find that you are able to build your own virtual store front and promptly respond to customers requests. Dedication and effort will be required to get your business off the ground, but once you have started building a good reputation and have gained the trust of the online shoppers, your business should soar! If you are only interested in making use of a South African service like this, then Bid or Buy is where you need to sign up! It runs on the same concept as Ebay except it is local.14.Online Day Trading – If you have a trading and financial background then this is the ideal online business concept for you! You need to be aware that you will have to be familiar with the technicalities and intricacies involved with stock trading. If you want to test the waters before offering your services to others, open a virtual trading account and practice. Leading Platform Provider Plus500 Plus500 offers trading in CFDs only and can be incorporated into your online day trading business and should you earn the trust of your first clients, you are sure to go a long way in this business. Plus500AU Pty Ltd, is also an authorized Financial Services Provider in South Africa. Please note Your capital is at risk.15.Online Backup Business – In this day and age nearly everything business related is stored and saved on our computers. Business owners fear losing this data and often spend hours making back up discs. Online backup services offer clients a way of backing up their important information such as client lists and company information to secure online locations. This means that should their office computers crash or something go wrong, the information is safe and secure online. There are a handful of software options for you to choose from in order to start your online backup business. Remote Backup Systems and iBackup are trusted programs and systems to use. By offering this service you could install the systems, teach your clients how to successfully use the system and then charge them a monthly fee.16.Online Dating Business – This seems to be an online business idea that simply never gets old. So many people are so caught up in their lives that they do not have the time to go out and meet people or are waiting to find someone who really grabs their attention before they start. The perfect way to meet new and interesting people online is to join a dating site. You can earn a great extra income by setting up and automating a niche dating site. All you will need to do is register a domain and purchase a website template or system that your site can run off. You will find that many of the dating site templates available will offer a great back end feature which means that you can set up your site to allow or disallow certain features. Members can very easily pay for their membership online by using their credit card or doing an online transfer. Passive income like this is simply a dream! Elite Singles and South African Cupid are good examples of successful online dating businesses.17.Blogging – There are many people out there that haven’t quite tapped into the earning potential of their blogs. If you have a flair for writing and like to address relevant topics, then making money from your blogs is a great way to do it. By having an online blog you are airing your views to the online world. If other browsers and bloggers like what they see, they will visit your blog frequently and your traffic and ratings will increase. Once you are receiving good traffic to your blog, you can start offering on it or even display banners for affiliate programs that you belong to. You can have your blog hosted by a free service such as Hubpages or even host your own blog on your own domain at BlueHost. Regardless of how you choose to do it, making money by blogging is definitely fun!18.Online Directory Businesses – Online directories have come a long way in South Africa and across the globe. When looking for a particular business, it is just easier to click through to a website dedicated to a certain industry and browse through the companies that they have listed in each area. Examples of popular and successful online directories are SA-Venues (holiday accommodation directory) and Private Property (properties for sale). All you would need to do is set up your own website and optimise it to rank well in a Google search for related topics and keywords. You can then charge for advertising space on that website. If your website or online directory is attractive and well presented, you shouldn’t struggle to get it up and running. You can even design the website yourself, or have it designed by a professional.19.Online Review Marketing Sites – Review marketing is fast becoming a popular way to earn money online. Many online businesses are starting to realise the profits behind referral marketing and by offering online reviews, you can secure hits to your client’s websites in no time at all. Review marketing will require for you to have a website that is dedicated to reviews on your client’s products and services. The trick is to only advertise your clients on this particular site. You will have the task of creating well written and keyword rich articles for these clients and posting them on this site in the relevant categories. The article should of course contain links back to the client’s website. These links prove most valuable when it comes to online marketing. By putting in the time and effort required with your first clients, you can use them as a showcase for what you are capable of. Online review marketing sites have a great deal of potential in South Africa. A great example of a review site is Recruitment Businesses – These businesses are definitely in demand in South Africa. Many businesses do not have the time or inclination to sift through the hundreds of and CV’s that arrive after a position is advertised. By having a recruitment agency to turn to, they can give them the particulars of the position and what is required by the successful candidate. It is then the recruitment agency’s job to find suitable candidates for an interview. By meeting with and offering your services to local businesses, you can advertise positions available and do the footwork involved in finding potential applicants. This type of online business opportunity has great earning potential as recruiters are usually paid a percentage of the successful applicant’s one year salary. You will require a computer, internet access, and printer in order to set this business up. Africa


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