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Start A T-Shirt Business In 2020

About the T-Shirt business industry

The T-shirt industry is very attractive because it is lucrative.  The statistics show that sales amounted to over 3 billion dollars globally in 2019.  The industry shows no signs of slowing down and upward growth in sales is expected between 2020 to 2025.

The industry is global, thus allowing anyone around the world to succeed. One easy method is to do online design and work with a dropshipping company. This means that designers can register with a T-Shirt drop shipper and upload their designs to the website. This is a rather easy business model, in my opinion.

In return, the dropshipping company orders the T-Shirts and handles the payments and deliveries.  The designer does not need to pay overhead costs in the online t-shirt design model.

People without graphic design skills can become involved since there are a plethora of free and/or paid designs available. One of the easiest methods for designing is to add text-based designs like names, occupations, birthdays, animals, and work up from there.

Designers also have access to a myriad of  T-shirt design apps and tools, and free tutorials online to get started.

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Start A T-Shirt Business In 2020

How many designs do you need to start a T-shirt business?

You need to start off with at least a few designs, I would say at least five. In fact, you can easily start with one. One of the beauties of the industry is that a single graphic design can be sold on different types of T-shirts and other products.  This increases your earning potential. For example, your design can be applied to classic T-shirts, crew-neck  T-shirts, v neck T-shirts, Kids’ T-shirts, baby one-pieces, and hoodies. Some companies also offer dozens of other products like face masks, and home decor items such as throws, bath mats, and wall art. The company that I dropship with offers dozens of free premade templates that you can customize to your liking. You can also select designs from Shutterstock and pay royalty fees to the designer when a sale is made. I use free online design software to craft my ideas. You can also use it as there are dozens of templates and ideas. They also provide free tutorials.